Garrett’s Valentine Notes to Suzy’s Friends

Hello, everyone!

Two wonderful blogger friends cornered me a while ago, asking me if Garrett might be persuaded to write them a little something for Valentine’s Day.

Naturally, I caved. Or, I should say that Garrett did. That man is so stubborn, though, so I had to call for reinforcements and got Suzy to help me persuade him to agree.

I hope you will enjoy reading these two scenes.

Much love,

Karen Ferry


SCENE: Garrett and Suzy are lazying about in their bed after having had breakfast in bed. Suzy is heavily pregnant.

Suzy: Honey?

Garrett (runs his hand across her belly): Hmm?

Suzy: I know Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but if I asked you to do something for me, would you do it?

Garrett (raises his eyebrows): Don’t I always?

Suzy (grins): Well, yes, but I thought it best to ask first…

Garrett: Alright, what do you want?

Suzy (takes a deep breath): Okay, I have two amazing and wonderful friends who are kind of jealous I snagged you, so I sort of promised them that you’d write them a Valentine letter. (holds breath)

Garrett (blinks): You did what?

Suzy (nibbles on lips): Please?

Garrett: My love, that’s fucking weird. (frowns) Why would I write a V Day note to a couple of women who a) aren’t you, b) I don’t know, and c) when I don’t fucking write notes to begin with?

Suzy (gets up on her knees to face Garrett): Because you love me?

Garrett (sighs as Suzy bats her lashes): I’m going to lose this argument, aren’t I?

Suzy (glides her hands up Garrett’s strong thighs): Maybe…

Garrett (groans as Suzy starts to kiss his abs): Fine, I’ll do it. But this is going to cost you…

Suzy (giggles): Oh? Are you going to punish me?

Garrett (grumbles): I’m fucking thinking about it, yes.

Suzy (stops kissing his hip bone and looks up at him): Good.



SCENE: Garrett is sitting at the bar in their kitchen, fully clothed, while Suzy is taking a shower. He’s scowling down at the pink cards with red hearts scattered here and there that Suzy gave to him. He takes a deep breath and then glances at the bathroom. His lips twitch with amusement and then he breathes a loud sigh as he picks up the pen to write.


I hope you had a man by your side this Valentine’s Day who did everything in his power to spoil you and show his appreciation of you as he should do every day. But if you did not, I hope this letter will make you smile.

As you know, I adore Suzy, and seeing as you are a close friend of hers, I hope I get to meet you someday. I am told that you are a smart, loving and sassy woman who knows what she wants, and that you are the best mother in the world.

If you are still looking for that certain someone who will be strong enough to share both the joys and sorrows of life, here is a little bit of advice:

  • Make him work for it. Do not let him get away with stupid shit, thinking that you are the one who has to compromise. I have fucked up plenty in the past, but I’ve learned it’s alright to admit defeat if I want to keep the woman I love above all as my lover. Your future man needs to be strong enough to do that.
  • Love him hard. Give him all of you – let him see that you mean business and don’t pussyfoot around for fear he won’t love you back just as hard. If you do this, I swear he will protect, cherish and nourish what you have for all eternity.
  • Do not be afraid of fighting. As long as you do not go to bed angry with each other, you will be alright. (And that’s why make-up sex was invented… 😉 )

I think that’s it.

Happy belated V Day. 



Garrett gets up to grab a cup of coffee and then sits down to write the second letter. He glances up at Suzy as she comes out of the shower and grins when her eyes soften and she blows him a kiss in thanks. Then he does as he was asked and picks up his pen again.


Alright…I don’t know you, but I know that Suzy adores you, and since I’m fucking whipped (pardon my language), there’s nothing I won’t do to make her happy. She’s told me a lot about you, and I must admit I’m kind of fascinated with you even though we have yet to meet.

Since I know you’re married – happily so – I hope your man spoilt you like hell yesterday. I hope he makes an effort to tell you every single day how much he loves and cherishes the day you met and every single day he’s been lucky to spend with you since. I hope he is not afraid to show you his own insecurities. I hope he knows that he can lean on you – that you won’t back down or crumble if life throws you a curveball and knocks you down. 

I hope that he is not afraid to tease you so much that tears run down your cheeks from laughing so hard.

Finally, I hope he makes your heart skip a beat whenever he gives you The Look – the one that, in no uncertain terms, tells you that you belong to him, and he belongs to you. Forever.

Yeah. I hope you have all that.

Happy Belated V Day.


Garrett picks up the two notes, scans what he’s written, and folds them before he puts them in envelopes. He hears Suzy walk toward him but don’t look up until he’s finished writing their names carefully. He holds them up and finally looks up at her when she plucks them out of his fingers.

Garrett: Happy now?

Suzy (smirks at him): Very. Thank you, honey.

Garrett (sits back in his seat): I think it’s time I get my reward.

Suzy (places her arms around his neck and pushes up on her toes): I think so, too.

Garrett (grins wickedly and jerks his chin in the direction of the couch): Get over there and spread your legs for me. I’m hungry.

Suzy (eyes flash with desire): As you wish, Sir.