“Fool For Love” (Believe #2)




Title: ”Fool For Love” (Believe #2)

Author: Karen Ferry

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 27th April, 2016

Cover Design: Susan Garwood of Wicked Women Designs

Teasers made by Phala Theng of Aaly and The Books 



My name is Suzy, and I’m just a girl—a girl who believes in fairytales, unicorns, and the notion that wishing upon a shooting star really can make all my dreams come true. Or, at least, I think I’m that girl. Lately, the world’s perception of me has left me questioning everything.

Love is love, or so I believed…

Then he barged into my life.

My name is Garrett, and I’m just a guy—a guy trying to survive in the world I’ve been cursed to roam. I do not cling to the idea of happily-ever-after, the scars of my past proof positive that I do not deserve such luxuries.

Love is lost, or so I thought…

Until she lit up my life.

***While this is book #2 in The Believe Series, it can be read as a standalone novel. Due to the sexual nature and subjects addressed, it is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18.***

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FFL Fanmade Teaser Phala 2



I nod and just stare unseeingly out the windows behind the TV. My mind is addled by sleep, and I can’t focus on anything.

I raise my hand and point half-heartedly in the direction of the bed behind us.

“I’m just going to go to bed,” I mumble and stand up.

“Sure. Before you do…” Garrett’s voice trails off and I look at him, my brows raised in question.


“I need your phone number.”

I frown. “Why?”

“Because we’re living together, and if we need to get a hold of each other, it’s easier to do if I have your number. No more notes.” His stare is fixed on me, and there’s a stubborn set to his mouth.

I nod once and shrug lightly. “I guess it makes sense. Do you have your mobile on you?”

He takes it out of his back pocket, and I rattle off my number. He presses a few keys before swiping the screen.

“I just sent you a text so you have mine.”

“Great.” I yawn loudly and quickly cover my mouth.

Garrett’s lips twitch into a crooked half-smile, and my heart skips a beat.

Dang it.

“Goodnight,” he whispers. I smile quickly and turn my back on him.

As I get under the covers, my smile returns when I hear him call Rufus to him. I glance surreptitiously at him, and my heart melts when I find him standing up, Rufus on his hind legs and Garrett holding onto the front paws planted on his chest. It kind of looks like a man hug – just with a man and a dog instead.

“What did I tell you about the furniture?” Garrett mumbles, but Rufus’ tail only increases in speed. “You’re impossible.” He shakes his head but grins as he does it, eyes crinkling at the corners. This is just too freaking much for me.

Garrett quickly kisses Rufus on the head before releasing him, and my heart drops to my feet when his eyes meet mine. I look down quickly and turn on my side, my back to him. I hope like hell that he can’t hear the way my heart is racing away just now. Realistically, I know that he can’t, because of the distance between us, but it beats so loudly, I’m not entirely sure. My ears pick up on his feet walking away from me, and I sigh as quietly as possible.

Damn you, Garrett. Why did you have to show me that you have a heart?


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From bloggers/reviewers

“The underlying emotional component of Suzy and Garrett’s story gripped my heart and I quickly found myself feeling deeply for this couple and all of the hurt they’d been through in their lives.”Becca, Prisoners of Print.

“While fighting external issues and internal battles the love that these two have burns hotter than the hottest bonfires, and sparks brighter than the biggest firework.”Sophie, Bookalicious Babes Blog.

“I highly recommend this story to anyone looking for a read that’s deep, but not in a sad way but a very happy way, and many moments where you may reflect on your own life enough to bring a sort of enlightenment into one’s mind. It’s sexy with sweetness and thoughtfulness all rolled into one.”Cierra, Theory of A Dreamer Book Blog.

“This story has one of the best passionate storylines I’ve read in a while. It’s slow building, keeps you on edge, and when that moment finally hits, it throws you into a whirlwind of excitement and enthralling situations.”Morgan, The Twisted Book Curmudgeon Blog.

FFL Fanmade Teaser Phala 3


”Make Me Believe – Special Edition” (Believe #1)




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