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Title: “A Precious Love” (Believe #3.5)

Author: Karen Ferry

Series: The Believe Series, book #3.5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Designer: Susan Garwood – Wicked Women Designs

Release Date: 11th December, 2017


Trish Lawson never thought she’d meet a man willing to put up with her type of crazy, but Alex Darrow might end up surprising her.

Alex was never meant to become my lover. On top of being hot as sin, he is gentle, sweet, and honest – not the kind of fun I was looking for. But fate has other plans for us, entwining a thread around our souls and pulling us closer at every turn. Soon, I start to believe that we might have a future together.

That our love is precious.

In the end, fate decides to play the ultimate trick on us, and we are left bleeding and in torment.

The pain becomes too much to bear, and I attempt to sever the tie between us.

The only problem is that Alex won’t let me.

He turns my body into flames of lust while his lips speak of his love for me.

My heart still aches from the loss we share, but I don’t know if I can keep resisting him.

Author’s Note: previouly published as a short story to feature in The Love After Losing Anthology, but has now been expanded. Can be read as a standalone.


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Karen Ferry is a thirty-something writer, wife to a quiet, laidback man, and mother to a gorgeous, stubborn, redheaded girl who keeps her parents on their toes.

Even though Karen is Danish, she has always felt more at ease writing stories in English, and she is a complete Anglophile and bookaholic. She loves Italian food and wine, travelling, and spending time with her family. When she is not writing, she reads – her favourite genres are New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica and Romantic Suspense. She can never get enough of romance.

Or of too many book boyfriends, either.







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Garrett’s Valentine Notes to Suzy’s Friends

Hello, everyone!

Two wonderful blogger friends cornered me a while ago, asking me if Garrett might be persuaded to write them a little something for Valentine’s Day.

Naturally, I caved. Or, I should say that Garrett did. That man is so stubborn, though, so I had to call for reinforcements and got Suzy to help me persuade him to agree.

I hope you will enjoy reading these two scenes.

Much love,

Karen Ferry


SCENE: Garrett and Suzy are lazying about in their bed after having had breakfast in bed. Suzy is heavily pregnant.

Suzy: Honey?

Garrett (runs his hand across her belly): Hmm?

Suzy: I know Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but if I asked you to do something for me, would you do it?

Garrett (raises his eyebrows): Don’t I always?

Suzy (grins): Well, yes, but I thought it best to ask first…

Garrett: Alright, what do you want?

Suzy (takes a deep breath): Okay, I have two amazing and wonderful friends who are kind of jealous I snagged you, so I sort of promised them that you’d write them a Valentine letter. (holds breath)

Garrett (blinks): You did what?

Suzy (nibbles on lips): Please?

Garrett: My love, that’s fucking weird. (frowns) Why would I write a V Day note to a couple of women who a) aren’t you, b) I don’t know, and c) when I don’t fucking write notes to begin with?

Suzy (gets up on her knees to face Garrett): Because you love me?

Garrett (sighs as Suzy bats her lashes): I’m going to lose this argument, aren’t I?

Suzy (glides her hands up Garrett’s strong thighs): Maybe…

Garrett (groans as Suzy starts to kiss his abs): Fine, I’ll do it. But this is going to cost you…

Suzy (giggles): Oh? Are you going to punish me?

Garrett (grumbles): I’m fucking thinking about it, yes.

Suzy (stops kissing his hip bone and looks up at him): Good.



SCENE: Garrett is sitting at the bar in their kitchen, fully clothed, while Suzy is taking a shower. He’s scowling down at the pink cards with red hearts scattered here and there that Suzy gave to him. He takes a deep breath and then glances at the bathroom. His lips twitch with amusement and then he breathes a loud sigh as he picks up the pen to write.


I hope you had a man by your side this Valentine’s Day who did everything in his power to spoil you and show his appreciation of you as he should do every day. But if you did not, I hope this letter will make you smile.

As you know, I adore Suzy, and seeing as you are a close friend of hers, I hope I get to meet you someday. I am told that you are a smart, loving and sassy woman who knows what she wants, and that you are the best mother in the world.

If you are still looking for that certain someone who will be strong enough to share both the joys and sorrows of life, here is a little bit of advice:

  • Make him work for it. Do not let him get away with stupid shit, thinking that you are the one who has to compromise. I have fucked up plenty in the past, but I’ve learned it’s alright to admit defeat if I want to keep the woman I love above all as my lover. Your future man needs to be strong enough to do that.
  • Love him hard. Give him all of you – let him see that you mean business and don’t pussyfoot around for fear he won’t love you back just as hard. If you do this, I swear he will protect, cherish and nourish what you have for all eternity.
  • Do not be afraid of fighting. As long as you do not go to bed angry with each other, you will be alright. (And that’s why make-up sex was invented… 😉 )

I think that’s it.

Happy belated V Day. 



Garrett gets up to grab a cup of coffee and then sits down to write the second letter. He glances up at Suzy as she comes out of the shower and grins when her eyes soften and she blows him a kiss in thanks. Then he does as he was asked and picks up his pen again.


Alright…I don’t know you, but I know that Suzy adores you, and since I’m fucking whipped (pardon my language), there’s nothing I won’t do to make her happy. She’s told me a lot about you, and I must admit I’m kind of fascinated with you even though we have yet to meet.

Since I know you’re married – happily so – I hope your man spoilt you like hell yesterday. I hope he makes an effort to tell you every single day how much he loves and cherishes the day you met and every single day he’s been lucky to spend with you since. I hope he is not afraid to show you his own insecurities. I hope he knows that he can lean on you – that you won’t back down or crumble if life throws you a curveball and knocks you down. 

I hope that he is not afraid to tease you so much that tears run down your cheeks from laughing so hard.

Finally, I hope he makes your heart skip a beat whenever he gives you The Look – the one that, in no uncertain terms, tells you that you belong to him, and he belongs to you. Forever.

Yeah. I hope you have all that.

Happy Belated V Day.


Garrett picks up the two notes, scans what he’s written, and folds them before he puts them in envelopes. He hears Suzy walk toward him but don’t look up until he’s finished writing their names carefully. He holds them up and finally looks up at her when she plucks them out of his fingers.

Garrett: Happy now?

Suzy (smirks at him): Very. Thank you, honey.

Garrett (sits back in his seat): I think it’s time I get my reward.

Suzy (places her arms around his neck and pushes up on her toes): I think so, too.

Garrett (grins wickedly and jerks his chin in the direction of the couch): Get over there and spread your legs for me. I’m hungry.

Suzy (eyes flash with desire): As you wish, Sir.



Release Day Blitz: “Christmas Wishes – a Fool for Love novella” (Believe #2.5)


Title: “Christmas Wishes – a Fool for Love novella” (Believe #2.5)

Author: Karen Ferry

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Release Date: 1st December, 2016

Cover Designer: Susan Garwood of Wicked Women Design

Teasers created by Aaly and The Books




Most lovers can’t wait to celebrate their first Christmas together –

but for Suzy and Garrett, the special season comes with a few surprises


I got the happily-ever-after that I had always hoped for. My life in New York seems like a fairy-tale – though my knight is not a white one. He is all the colours of the rainbow, and I love him more and more with each passing day.

Despite my happiness, I miss my home. I miss my parents. I miss my friends.

I wish I knew of a way to combine my past life with my present.

Maybe I can wish for a little Christmas magic?


She’s my light – the only one who can see into the depths of my soul. I’ll do anything to keep her happy. I wish she would let me inside her mind so I can help erase the shadows from her eyes.

Our happiness is interrupted when my family find themselves in trouble. I have to help them get back on the right track before it’s too late.

All they want is a Merry Christmas, but how is that possible when the outside world won’t let them?

***Author’s Note: This is a novella in the Believe Series and it is important that you read Fool for Love first.***


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“Never thought it would happen,” he whispers. His hand moves from my breast, up my neck, then finally rests on my jaw. He traces my lips with his fingers, and a delicious shiver runs down my spine. The pads are rough, but his touch is as light as a feather.

My heart melts.

“You never thought what would happen?”

His eyes roam my face as he makes me wait for his answer. The heat in them makes my breaths grow more shallow, and it feels as if every part of my being is singed from his fire.

“Never thought I’d find a woman who’d be able to pull me out of the darkness.”

I stop breathing for a moment. My eyes prickle as tears gather in them.

It’s so rare that he talks about his past now, that it always takes me by surprise when he mentions it.

His eyes stop their perusal as he touches his forehead to mine for a short moment.

“Never thought I’d be so lucky,” he murmurs.

My arms constrict around his neck.

“Never thought one woman’s smile would light me up from within like yours always does.”

“Please stop,” I whisper, my voice trembling from the love that I can feel touching my soul in his every word.

“My love.” His lips brush mine, and I lift my head, trying to deepen his kiss. He won’t have any of it, though. Both of his hands come down to frame my face, and his thumbs sweep my hair away, baring me completely before him. As always, I yield to his will, even though patience is the last thing on my mind right now.

“You’re going to make me bawl like a baby,” I sniffle, trying to smile.

He laughs low, the deep rumble that I love so dearly, but it’s gone as quickly as it started.

“I hope I’ll never stop being worthy of the love you have given me so freely.”

Even before he’s done talking, I shake my head.

“I promise – I swear – that’ll never happen, honey.”



Karen Ferry is a thirty-something writer, wife to a quiet, laidback man, and mother to a gorgeous, stubborn, redheaded girl who keeps her parents on their toes.

Even though Karen is Danish, she has always felt more at ease writing stories in English, and she is a complete Anglophile and bookaholic. She loves Italian food and wine, travelling, and spending time with her family. When she is not writing, she reads – her favourite genres are New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica and Romantic Suspense. She can never get enough of romance.

Or of too many book boyfriends, either.

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Hello, everyone!

The day has arrived when I am able to share some AMAZING news!

I am delighted to announce that I have signed a contract with Juno Publishing France!

That’s right, both “Make me Believe” and “Fool for Love” will become available in French in the near future.

This is a huge dream of mine that’s coming true, and I am so excited for this new adventure to begin! 🙂


Je suis ravie et heureuse de vous annoncer que je viens de signer un contrat avec Juno Publishing en France ! Oui, oui, oui « Make Me Believe » et « Fool for Love » seront bientôt disponibles en français!

C’est pour moi, un rêve qui devient réalité, je suis tellement excitée à l’idée de commencer cette nouvelle aventure avec vous! 🙂


Dear Judgy McJudgerson – how dare you?

I heard about something this morning that, at first, I thought I should let go – that is my usual reaction when drama and the like pop up in my newsfeed on social media – but this time, I just cannot do that. This time, I am putting my foot down.

What I was first told, and what I then saw with my own eyes – because I went looking for it – was an author bashing another for a book that I have not read, but one that I am now determined to look into. The said bashing was not founded on facts – it was based on ’hearsay’, I believe it is called. It was based on things that they had heard about the book in question. It was based on rumours. That, in and of itself, is pretty bad, at least from where I am standing.

What makes matters even worse is my reason for writing this particular blog post: I saw people bashing a book that they have not read. 

And that, my friends, is something I am seeing more and more of in the indie publishing world lately. I cannot stand it. It makes my skin crawl as if I am covered in lice (yuck). It makes me beyond angry – it infuriates me. And…it makes me sad. It makes my faith in humanity falter.

First of all, let us agree on the fact that most books we read – in the romance genre, that is – are FICTION. The stories are not real. Some of them may be inspired by true events – such as my debut novel, “Make me Believe” – but at the heart of it, they are a figment of an author’s imagination. Sometimes, we all start a book that we have to put down again for various reasons – and that is more than fine. Reading is subjective.

Let me repeat that: Reading. Is. Subjective.

No one is expected to love every book we read – and that is the beauty of it. We are people, thus different, with varying tastes and preferences. We may have triggers, meaning that there are certain books/plots we choose not to read in order to keep our hearts intact. Again, that is perfectly fine.

But what is not okay – what is absolutely unacceptable – is judging others (in this instance the author and her readers), making vile assumptions about them and their lives based on a book and its subject matter. Because it is fiction.

How dare you judge something that you have no knowledge about?

It is fine to form an opinion when you have read a book – we all do it, after all. We do it about all things, not only books. It is just the way the human brain works, and we should know our own hearts and minds.

Whether we like something or not does not matter in the grand scheme of things. But what matters is that our opinions are based on facts. On our firsthand experiences. I am definitely not saying that people should stop thinking for themselves 😉 All I am saying is that people who judge others without having accumulated all the facts – in this case, reading a certain book – need to wake up and get a life.

Was that too harsh? Maybe so. But that is my belief.

Maybe the book in question will be one that I, for whatever reason, will be unable to read from start to finish. I have my own limits, but I am usually willing to test myself from time to time in order to find out if my limits have moved. That is the kind of person I am. And no one has the power to decide what books I read, except me. Moreover, no one has the right to judge me or my life based on the books I write.

So, Dear Judgy McJudgerson, I ask you this: how can you form an opinion on something you do not know? How dare you feel entitled to even have said opinion when you have not read the book yet? And how do you even have the balls to make assumptions on a person’s life based on a book’s plot?!

The publishing community is a force of nature. It can be beautiful, joyous, and warm. Then there is the other side of the coin that it represents: an ugly, cruel, and cold void.

This morning, I saw the ugly part of a community I usually adore – again, I was angry, but mostly, I was sad. Sad for everyone whose lives are judged by ignorants.

I do not have anything else to say for now. Except, perhaps this:

Words have power. Be careful how you wield that power.

Thank you for reading.

Karen Ferry



Dear Husbands: Why don’t you read romance novels?

At this very moment, I am supposed to be writing my next book, but a topic I touched upon this morning in my group on Facebook would not let me be. As you can see from the headline, this is meant to be an open letter to husbands everywhere – whether you agree with me or not after you have read it remains to be seen.

However, this topic is actually something that I have thought a lot about the last many, many, many years.

So here it is.

I am happily married to a fantastic man who understands me like no one else does – but for one thing: he does not really get my fascination with and love for romance novels. Which is fine, to a certain degree – we are all different. But seriously? If he did read romance novels, maybe he would understand me even more than he already does.

I am sure that there are a lot of men out there who read sexy novels – and I am not talking about porn, thank you very much. This is not what romance novels is about. More and more male authors are coming forward now, being open about writing these books – and I love that – but to the average guy, I think that admitting to reading them – or simply being curious about them but afraid to try them out – is something they feel weird about. So I ask you this:

Why are you embarrassed? 

It is my belief that reading romance can be beneficial to not only who you are as a person, but also to your relationship. Now, I am no psychologist (thank goodness), so I can only speak for myself, of course. And get that dirty mind out of the gutter: yes, maybe if men read romance novels, they would become better lovers than some of them are. Yes, it is no secret that I like to read and write books that are quite steamy and sexy because I can learn a lot from them; and I am positive that many of my friends feel like I do when I say that when you have been with the same person in many years, your sex life has the risk of turning a bit…well, boring, to be honest – unless you have a great imagination and are open about your needs.

But I digress.

Dear husbands, I am absolutely certain that if you began to read romance novels, not only would you get a much better idea about what goes on in the female psyche – which, as you are already aware of, can be quite scary, and, frankly, an impossible task at times. But you would also get some insight into becoming a good, no, a fantastic lover as well – something that can only be a major plus for everyone involved.

No, you cannot learn everything you need to know from books – especially not when it concerns matters of the heart. The foundation comes from your home – your parents – but we all remember, I am sure, the absolutelely cringeworthy experience it was to be told about the birds and the bees by our mums and dads, don’t we? (Ugh. Just thinking about it now makes me gag.) And honestly? Most of my knowledge about these things comes from books I have read or looked up online – definitely not from movies or asking my parents (*gags*).

If you have made it this far, I thank you. I will be the first to admit that there might not really be a point to this blog post other than the fact that I feel, like most should, that there is definitely nothing to be embarrassed about when you openly admit to enjoying romance novels. Quite the contrary. It does not matter if you are male or female: not hiding what you read is crucial, in my opinion. Why hide something that makes you feel good? Why hide something that gives you comfort? Why hide something that has the ability to teach you a thing or two? Hmm? 

I am not claiming to be an expert on this subject, not at all. I am still learning every day, but there is one thing that I can say without a shadow of a doubt that is the truth:

The fact that I read and write romance novels? It has only made my own relationship stronger – not the opposite.

And that is pretty fantastic.

(If any of my followers have husbands who openly admits to reading romance novels, I would love to hear from you! Just shoot me a message below.)



An Open Letter To Bloggers: What Happened?

Dear Bloggers,

I love you. I really do.

You work tirelessly to share your viewpoints on the books that you read without getting paid a penny. Your passion for books is truly wonderful, and I know that most of you blog in your spare time – time that there is probably not a whole lot of to begin with. So thank you for everything that you do.

Some of my closest friends are bloggers who took a chance on me last year when I first began my author adventure, and I am grateful for their support. Truly.


For some time now, I have been trying to gather my thoughts on a couple of things that I have experienced firsthand. But I confess that I did not know exactly how I should address these “issues”, if you will, because the last thing I want is to offend any of you. But I also feel that I need to voice them because I have seen a shift in the blogging community the past year or so that makes me wonder if it is in some kind of trouble, in a way. A midlife crisis, so to speak. 😉

First of all, to those of you who are unaware of it, let me tell you something: I used to be a blogger. Granted, my blog was small, and I will be the first person to admit that I was not one of the best – I made tons of mistakes in the beginning (and I still feel rather horrible when I think of them) – but I absolutely loved it. I loved being able to share my thoughts on a book I had been given by an author in exchange for an honest review. I loved when authors messaged me in private, thanking me for posting my review, and when there were times when I could not get into a book, for various reasons, I felt absolutely awful about it. But what I found to be the best approach on the latter was emailing the author and explain my reasons as to why I could not post a review. 

And guess what? In every single instance, the author emailed me back. They were kind and courteous about it. Maybe the author was a bit sad about it – which is totally understandable, of course – but usually, they thanked me for letting them know. And that was that. No muss, no fuss – no hard feelings. 

The key word here is communication

If you are still reading this, thank you. I will get to my point of this blog post now.


You see, what I have heard and read and seen the past year is a lack of communication between bloggers and authors – and that makes me so sad. 

Please let me explain before you rip my head off. 

As authors, we depend on bloggers. We spend a lot of time – time we would most likely rather spend working on our next novel – emailing bloggers, asking them to consider reading our book(s). And why do we do that? Because we need to get the word out about us, obviously, but we also secretly hope that we will become a new favourite author to some of them. Because when you reach that point, you know that those bloggers will go to great lengths shouting “Read this book NOW!” to their friends, thus possibly help us gain new readers. 

You have seen bloggers do this on social media. You rejoice when it happens to fellow authors because you know how incredible it feels. You have experienced it firsthand, and it is seriously one of the most amazing things to behold ever! It makes you want to keep writing. It makes you want to keep working hard to become a better writer, because there will always be room for improvement. 

But…you hit an all-time low when bloggers agree to read and review your work – and then do not keep their word. But you do not know for sure until you see a blogger post about another book they agreed to read for a friend after they read yours. That is when the disappointment really sets in. You may grumble in private about it for a bit, but then you move on, because life is just too short to dwell on things, right?

But…what makes matters even worse is when you have hired a promo company where new bloggers sign up to review your work, and, come the day of the event, only one blogger follows through.


Yeah. Absolutely not fun. It makes you want to stop writing altogether, actually. You become devastated because your expectations were not met. You might even get rather angry, but the overall emotion is sadness.

And this has nothing to do with “having too thin skin for this business”, in my opnion.

It comes down to this:

Manners matter.

When you give out your work for free, you expect to be respected.

Plain and simple.

What makes you hit rock bottom is not knowing why these bloggers did not tell the promo company that they could not keep their word. 

Maybe you are unaware of it, and I can only speak for myself here, but I would rather receive an email with the answer than not getting one at all. Yes, even if your answer is that you hated my book – I want to know so I will no longer have to wonder about it.

I loathe unanswered questions, and I confess that I have trouble letting them go.

SO my question to you, dear bloggers, is this:

What happened? What happened to communicating with authors? What happened to us? Because this goes both ways, to be honest – we need each other in order to succeed. Is time management the issue for many of you? Do you sign up to participate in too many events out of the goodness of your heart because you want to help us all? 

Like I said in the beginning: I love you. I have the utmost respect for you.

But please keep your word, or explain to us why you cannot/will not be able to do that.

Communication is key. 

Remember: I was a blogger once. I know full well the demands of the job, and these demands have most likely multiplied the past year. I know that blogging has a tendency to take over every aspect of your life because it is your passion. I know that your family sometimes suffer for it. But please, please, please take a minute and think about what your lost promises mean to the authors who have given you their work for free.

All of us are only humans – we cannot do it all, however much we might want to. We can only do our best, and no one expects more of you than that.

Please tell us what is going on.

Tell me what happened, please.

Knowledge is power. Ignorance can crush you.

Much love,

Karen Ferry.